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Scroll Behavior not working on Safari

Instructions about how to fix scroll behavior not working on safari

Github Pages Custom Domain

A guide that shows you how to configure Github Pages custom domain.

Sales by Match (Solution)

Solution of the sales by match hackerrank challenge.

Reset local master and pull again

Reset local master branch to pull again with latest master.

Factura para cliente extranjero desde México

Datos necesarios para hacer una factura para un cliente de Estados Unidos, Europa o cualquier otro país fuera de México.

How to fix 'xcrun error invalid active developer path'

It happens when you update your macOS or some other dependencies.

rbenv can't change global ruby version

If you installed a ruby version in your mac using rbenv you may encounter with this issue.

Passed state is undefined in child component React

This is why your props could be undefined in a child component in React.

How to Sort an Array in Javascript

Explore the different ways to sort Arrays in Javascript

The Essencial Node JS Libraries

A list of the essential Node.js libraries that will make your life easier when developing node.js applications.

Connect to local Jekyll server from a mobile device

Instructions to connect to a local Jekyll development server from a mobile device (Using a Mac).

HTML rich text styling

We will explore the most commonly used rich text html tags and best styling practices.

How to install Visual Studio Code on your Machine

You will learn how o install Visual Studio Code on your Machine.

How to Install Node.js in your computer

In this post you'll learn how to install Node.js in your computer